Message from the mayor

A Smart and Digital City Built by Citizens, for Citizens

In March 2014, Montréal created the Bureau de la ville intelligente et numérique, to become a world leader among smart and digital cities. The Bureau’s mission is to devise a Montréal strategy around four axes: Collecting, Communicating, Coordinating and Collaborating.

A new milestone was achieved last fall with a consultation process that brought together Montrealers who discussed and shared ideas on their needs and expectations.

Montréal, Smart and Digital City is an ambitious project that builds on our collective intelligence to forge a distinctive Montréal-based model. The institutional and private sectors have joined with city workers and Montréal citizens in an ongoing dialogue, playing active roles in formulating this strategy. Montréal, Smart and Intelligent City, will be built by citizens, for citizens.

Denis Coderre
Mayor of Montréal

Message from the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee

Ultimately, a smart and digital city means better services for citizens, a universally higher standard of living and harnessing of our metropolis’s resources to ensure its development is in line with the population’s needs. Montréal will be a city that listens to its constituents who will be agents of change.

Harout Chitilian
Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, responsible for the smart city